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Concrete Slab Services in Plenty, Victoria

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Concrete Slab Services  Plenty VIC

Concrete slabs, though they are suitable for a variety of purposes, are often the foundation of other structures. This means the resilience and integrity of the slab must be unquestionable! Inferior concreting work will have repercussions throughout your building structure, including cracked walls and warped upper flooring. It must be laid properly or not at all!

Luckily, concrete slabs are NED CRETE's speciality. We will set, so you can forget. Our structures are built to last, so that our customers say: ‘I had a great experience with NED CRETE; I have great faith in their work.’

Trust in our superior workmanship for your next concrete slab!

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The word ‘concrete slab’ doesn’t sound like much. Mix it, lay it, let it dry – sounds pretty simple, right? Anyway, all concrete is alike – not quite!

Here at NED CRETE we’re here to tell you that a clean, handsomely-laid slab of concrete doesn’t happen by accident. It involves intelligent design, precisely measured and constructed formwork (the moulds used to lay the concrete to a precise design), reinforcement, and well-engineered thickness, so it’s perfectively fit for purpose. Well-laid concrete can’t be taken for granted, and you can’t settle for inferior quality!

NED CRETE see it all the time – lot of the jobs we’re hired to complete are replacing work performed poorly by either poorly trained concreters, or, more often, corner-cutting concreting work. Don’t get stuck with a substandard product. The quality of our work is guaranteed!

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